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The Global platform where brands and influencers meet to create high-quality native advertising


  • Easy monetization
    A steady flow of offerings from advertisers
  • Time-saving
    No personal negotiations, a drag and drop service
  • Fair payments
    Smart contracts on blockchain enable transparent payments
  • Tremendous efficiency
    A TV-scale influencer marketing campaign in under 30 minutes
  • Global reach
    International campaigns without restrictions
  • Time-saving
    No tedious negotiations and personal payments
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Key features
Precise Targeting
Smart algorithms to help reach target audience
Original Pricing Policy
Ad placement price based on channel audience activity
Transparency and reliability
Funds transparently allocated accordingly with the agreements
AI power harnessed
Any video / online stream channels are tracked automatically
Minimal Effort
No negotiations. Campaign is started in several clicks
Expanding knowledge warehouse
Community members can share their ideas with influencers