How to start
To begin with, you need to log in using your credentials.
Enter the login and password and click on the SIGN IN button.
Then, you will see a popup at the top of your screen. Click on the ENTER INFORMATION button.
Our platform will ask you to complete your account with the required information.
Then, you will be redirected to your settings screen.
Here, just enter your birthday in the specified field. Then, click on the SAVE button below.
Then, you have to connect your account (Instagram or Youtube) to our platform.
To do this, go to the MY CHANNELS menu by clicking on the button in the sidebar.
Here, you should click on the ADD CHANNEL button. After that, our platform will redirect you to the social network’s website (Instagram or YouTube).
Just choose your account and then you will see a popup message notifying you of successful process completion.
Now you are ready to undertake the task proposed by the platform. To start, click on the PROPOSED TASKS in the sidebar. You will then see a number of task currently available. Just choose your task and click on the linked name.
At this step, you will see the details of the tasks chosen. Read the details and click on START TASK.